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Use: To file in a slot or wedge shaped opening. Especially used by tool makers.

PillarRegular / Pillar Narrow / Pillar Extra Narrow

Use: Enlarging slots and keyways.


Use: Can be used as a round or knife file.

Regular / Slim / Parallel

Use: Designed for enlarging circular holes, mouldingd, concave surfaces, and rounded grooves.


Use: For use in corners, slots, and acute angles.


Use: For filing grooves, square holes, inside corners, and for finishing cutting tools.

Three Square

Slim and Extra Slim

Use: For cleaning out corners, filing angles, taps, and cutters. Also used on flat surfaces.


Also Warding Special Thickness

Use: Widely used by locksmiths for filing the wards in locks and keys. Also used in narrow spaces where other files will not fit.

Key File Set

Shape: 1-Round, 1-Warding, 1-Three Square, 1-Square, 1-half Round and 1-Hand.
Use: Widely used by locksmiths. Excellent item for any toolbox. Good for use in small areas light deburring jobs.

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