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Mill Files - Square Edges

Use: This is the most commonly used file in the U.S.A. It is suitable for workshops and sharpening mill or circular saws, hoes, axes, spades, shovels, etc. Also for draw filing and finishing metals. A Mill File is similar to a Flat File except a mill is single cut and a Flat is double cut.

Mill Files - One or Two Round Edges

Raspas / Rapes

Wood Rasps - Flat

Use: Used by cabinet makers, woodworkers, leather and aluminum workers.

Wood Rasps - Half Round

Use: Useful for curved and flat wood or soft metal.

Wood Rasps - Round

Use: For curved wood or soft metal.

Horse Rasps

Use: Blacksmiths, farmers and woodworkers.

Shoe Rasp (Four-In-Hand)

Use: Homeowners, hobbyists, blacksmiths, leather and aluminum workers, etc.

Cabinet File - Half Round

Use: Used by cabinetmakers and woodworkers.

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