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Taper Saw Files
Dbl. Extra Slim / Extra Slim / Slim / Regular

Use: For filing all types of saws with 60 angle teeth. Single cut edges set and cut for filing gullets between teeth.
Single Cut Sides: For hand filing.
Double Cut Sides: For Use on saw Filing Machines. It is important to select the right file for the right handsaw. Available in several grades.

Chainsaw Files
Round - Viking

Use: For saw chain. Also used to clean and dress up gullets of some saws.

Cantsaw Files

Use: Sharpening saws whose teeth are less than 60 angle. Circular, crosscut, etc.

Crosscut Files

Use: For sharpening saws of Great American type and Crosscut Saws. The rounded back is used to deepen rounded gullets of saw teeth. The sides are used for filing the teeth.

Flat Chainsaw (Raker) Files

Shape: Parallel with rounded and uncut edges.
Use: For lowering and adjusting the depth gauge of saw chain.

Flat Goofy Files

Shape: Single cut and parallel with rounded and special single cut edges.
Use: For chisel chain and special chains used in "Hot Saw" contests.

Gulleting File - Round

Shape: Parallel with special type teeth for fast and smooth sharpening.
Use: To clean and dress up gullets of saws.

Flat Chisel Bit Files

Use: For chisel chain and special chain for "Hot Saws"

Three Square Chisel Bit Files

Use: For chisel chain and special chain for "Hot Saws"

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