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Milled Curved Tooth Files

Flat Rigid with Tang
Flat Rigid with Tang-Babbitt
Flat Rigid with Tang-with Chip Breakers
Flat Utility with Different Sides

For work on auto bodies, and for use by machine shops, foundries, aircraft manufacturers, railroad yards, and ship yards.
Medium/Standard Cuts: For soft materials such as wood, lead, white metal, aluminum, fibre, etc.
Fine Cut: For copper, bronze, slate, marble, etc.
Extra Fine Cut: For cast iron, stainless steel, high carbon steel, and small sections of all materials.

Special Thin Curved Tooth File with Tang

Half Round with Tang-Shell

Flat Flexible without Tang - Solid

Half Round without Tang - Shell

Auto Body File

For blending finishing solder and steel.

Flexible File Holders
Wood-Hlf Rd
Wood-Hlf Rd
Metal Adjustable

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