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Adjustable Chainsaw
File Handle

Made to fit any size chainsaw file. A screwdown wingnut tightens and secures the file to the handle. The degrees written on the wingnut help to insure the proper angle of filing. A removable end cap allows for sparkplug storage inside the handle.

Milled Curved Tooth Files

A handle for all "tanged" files. Made of durable plastic; these handles are longlasting, hand comfortable, and no slip.

Needle File Handles

Fits any size needle file.

Riffler Holder

Industrial Wooden Handles


Industrial Wooden Handles


File and Brush Card

Proper cleaning helps to prolong the life of a file. Use the brush side for general cleaning and the card side for stubborn clogging. The sharp tempered steel bristles of the card side are angled forward, aligned and spaced for good effective cleaning.

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