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Flat Files / Plana Punta / Plate Pointue

Use: Favored for use in factories, machine shops, and garages because of its ability to work on iron, steel etc... and quick removal of stock from plain surfaces.

Hand Files / Plana Paralela / Plate Pointue

Use: For work on high alloy tool steels. The safe (uncut) edge permits filing one surface without damaging an adjoining one

Half Round Files / Media Cana / Demi-Rude

Use: The half round side (front) makes this file ideal for getting into rounded holes, concave corners, crevices, etc. Also can be used on flat surfaces.

Round Files / Redonda / Ronde
(Rat Tail)

Use: Designed for enlarging circular holes, moldings, concave surfaces, and rounded grooves,

Three Square Files / Trangular / Triangulaire

Use: For cleaning out corners, filing angles, taps and cutters. Also used on flat surfaces.

Square Files / Cuadrada / Carree

Use: For filing grooves, square holes, inside corners, and for finishing cutting tools. Larger sizes frequently preferred to correspond with Flat Files because of heavier sections and four filing surfaces.

Warding Files / Plana Delgada / Plate D'EntreÚ

Use: Widely used by locksmiths for filing the wards in locks and keys. Also used in narrow spaces where other files will not fit

Knife Files / Cuchillo / Couteau

Use: Primarily used by tool and die makers dealing with acute angles.

Aluminum Files Type "A" Flat

Use: Designed specifically for use on aluminum and other soft metals.

Aluminum Files Type "A" Half Round

Use: Same as Flat Aluminum.

All Purpose (Handy) File

Use: Has many purposes such as sharpening hoes, lawn mower blades, sharpening metals, and smoothing plastics.


Use: Manufactured especially for the plastics industry. Special designed teeth and gullets for faster, easier and longer cutting. Will not clog as fast as an ordinary Mill File.

Maxicut« Files

Use: Special designed chip breakers permit extra fast stock removal while still giving a smooth finish.

Long Angle Lathe Files

Use: Designed for all metals to achieve a smooth finish.

Tungsten Point Files

Use: For dressing distributor points and for cleaning contact points of spark plugs, magnetos, switches, etc.

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